A special invitation to those seeking a permanent solution to eliminate chronic back and neck pain... without invasive surgery.


-- Roy and Rosalee Thurman, Jonesboro, AR


Welcome to Back In Action Of Jonesboro Spinal Decompression Center

Back In Action of Jonesboro is a spinal rehabilitation practice that possess the highest standard of excellence, cutting-edge technology and superior patient results. And we have as our goal: to deliver the highest quality of care and service to the citizens in Jonesboro seeking relief from chronic back and neck pain.

Invasive surgery is not the answer

If you have been told that "you must learn to live with the pain" and, you don't want to live this way anymore, you will be glad to know – there is the solution you've been looking for. Although before you can win this battle you need some new information. Learn what actually causes back pain and what common mistakes you can avoid in your attempt to be rid of it!

Back In Action Of Jonesboro is dedicated to restoring the health you once enjoyed

Back In Action is associated with a national network of doctors and participates in ongoing active research, and utilizes clinical protocols and standardized "best-practice's" in spinal rehabilitation. Back In Action Of Jonesboro's commitment to excellence in spinal rehabilitation has caused the clinic focus to only those procedures proven to produce consistent success in the clinical setting worldwide; and to bring that success to the good citizens of Jonesboro.

The focus of Back In Action of Jonesboro is dedicated to your great health

What does this mean for you? You will be individually evaluated with the latest technology to determine what is "causing your chronic pain". The goals for your recovery is to determine "why" you are having your problems and correct what is "causing" the problem rather than most others who only prescribe mind numbing and dangerous drugs, which do not rehabilitate your condition… and only temporarily cover up your causative problem as it continues on its degenerative and destructive course.

The focus of Back In Action of Jonesboro is to restore your quality of life you once enjoyed, prior to your chronic condition. If that is your goal, call the office today at (870) 802-9355.


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